Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Look, learn and experience...

There is no short cut to experience...and I whole heartedly believe this...and that comes from someone who has zero patience...

I have learnt a huge amount during my time on this planet from the obvious basics of learning to walk to learning to keep my mouth shut and not knee jerk to a situation...experience has taught  me it is better to step back, think, sleep on it and then usually by then I am 'so over it' that I don't feel the need to get involved in arguments.

My spiritual pathway has been one huge learning curve and it still continues, even after a gazillion years walking it my journey still twists and turns.  There are practices that I started out with that I no longer do and new ideas and ways of making my pathway work for me appear on a regular basis.  Part of my journey is to be open to new ways of doing things and new ideas to make my spiritual journey my own.  What works for me might not necessarily work for the next person and vice versa.

I started out following all the instructions that I read about and then all of the ways to practice witchcraft that my initial training gave me...years later I don't necessarily practice in the same way, I learnt, I experienced, I adjusted and created practices that work for me.

Every new journey that we begin we start as a newbie, an innocent and a novice, it is only by working with it, practicing and experiencing that we start to learn how to work with it and what is required, you don't start a new pathway knowing everything.  For instance, two  years ago I was dropped into the world of book writing and I knew nothing, absolutely nothing although I had experience with writing lessons and blogs book writing is a whole different kettle of frogs.  And I made mistakes...but hopefully I have learnt from them, I may not always get it completely right but I work in a way now that is very different from that first book.

We all have strong ideas, views and opinions on all sorts of things but only by experience can we actually stand by them, we have to be open to the ideas and suggestions of others on all sorts of subjects, they won't necessarily resonate with you all the time but on occasion they may just provide you with total 'aha' moments and send your views along a completely different pathway.  Or your own ideas may do the same to someone else.  Remember...man once believed the world to be flat...

I spent a few desperate years believing that I NEEDED a matron goddess...I worked with several, each time hoping that they were the right one...I had been on the witchcraft pathway for seven years before my matron goddess arrived and it was unexpected and not planned at all, stop looking and you will be surprised who finds you.  She has been with me ever since but I am still open to other deities that pop by because they are all there for a reason and in being open I have had amazing experiences with various deities each with a lesson for me, guidance or support.  I now seem to have found myself with a patron god as well, he has been with me for nearly two years now...but only now after all that time am I really believing that he is a patron deity because these things take time and I don't want to jump in and get all 'dedicated' to find that actually he was just with me for a particular part of my journey.

Be open...don't be a complete know it all...be guided by your intuition but don't let it carry you away...share...don't rush, spirituality isn't a race and experience everything that you possibly can...

Monday, 23 February 2015

Loveliness and much hotfootedness...

Saturday was one of those very lovely days when lots happen and you get to spend it with fabulous people.

We held our first Kitchen Witch Coven ritual of the year and focused it all about that 'lurve thang', a beautifully written ritual scribed by two of our lovely Priests/esses - Autumn Ravenflower and Amunhart.  It was fabulous to catch up with everyone and spend time in circle with gorgeous people.

Then some of us ventured to the wilds of Titchfield to a barn in the middle of nowhere...to experience the wonders of firewalking.

Hosted by the amazing Rich Lister of Hero Soul/IWalkOnFire we spent the evening immersed in warrior energy, we broke planks of wood with our hands grrrrrr! broke arrows on our throats and then the grand finale...walked on fire...yep actual red hot embers.  We watched the fire walk being set up and saw the flames climbing high *gulp* until we ended up with a pathway of hotness...I may have sent up a prayer to Ganapati before I stepped onto it but once I was there I strode across those hot coals like a good un...definitely an experience for everyone to have at least once in their life.

We have spent time with Rich on several of his workshops before - birthing drums and shamanic ways and have always come away with a sense of purpose, determination and new found inner peace/strength/warrior rar!  The firewalk was no exception.

For more details on the Kitchen Witch rituals see our website hub www.kitchenwitchhearth.net or the facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/kitchenwitchuk

For more details on Hero Soul/IWalkOnFire events see the website www.theherosoul.com or the facebook page www.facebook.com/iwalkonfire

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It's a twisty ole witchy road...

Yesterday evening I had one of those clarity but not clear moments...

I was scrolling through facebook when I came upon a beautiful Ganesha silver pendant by the very talented Hairy Growler, it was very lovely (bit out of my price range unfortunately) but it made me stop and think...ruh roh...dangerous...

About a gazillion years ago when I first stepped onto the pagan pathway I blessed a silver pentacle pendant during my self dedication ritual and I have worn it every day since, it has always reminded me of my journey, from where I started and where I am now.

But last night I began to wonder if it really fitted me now...I am a witch, always will be but my path has meandered, twisted and turned along many different branches along the way.  I have dipped into, read about, experienced, worked with, studied and attended courses and workshops on all sorts of things from Druidry, Shamanism, Faeriecraft, Hinduism, Hoodoo to Wicca, Goddess worship, Hedgewitchery and of course Kitchen Witchcraft with various other bits and pieces such as Reiki and crystal healing along the way.  I have taken bits and pieces from all sorts of pagan and spiritual areas and created my own individual and unique tradition.  This isn't a new discovery, my path has always been eclectic and I have always been and always will be OK with that, it works for me, I guess it was the symbolism of the pentacle that made me think, it didn't seem 'enough' to cover everything...

I have also worked with many deities from many pantheons - Celtic, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hindu and even Orishas and Loas have presented themselves to help guide me, teach me and generally kick my butt.  Many years ago my matron goddess The Cailleach arrived and she has been with me sharing her feisty thoughts ever since, then a couple of years ago Ganapati (Ganesha) arrived...and I am pretty sure he is here to stay so I have a Celtic matron goddess and a patron Hindu god...now there's an interesting mixture!

I found myself asking "where am I now?" and " who or what am I?"  Well the first answer is and always will be - a witch - but it didn't seem to be enough.  The pentacle pendant didn't seem to cover all that I am now...and I am not sure why...

Do I even need a label?  Well no, nobody needs a label at all I just think we as humans like to have them, perhaps it makes us feel like we fit in somewhere?

I was more concerned about having a symbol that covered all that I am, all that I do and all that I follow and believe in, the pentacle seemed somewhat lacking, but what symbol would cover all of the things?  I mentally made a list of all the things that symbolise what I do and believe in...

The ocean
The moon
The sun
The earth
The goddess
Then what about my totems?  Wild boar, frog, panther, magpie and pigeon...

That's a heck of a lot of symbolism to fit into one pendant!

Having slept (badly) on it, this morning I think it is more about control, I am a total control freak and I struggle to let my journey just unfold but that is what I must do.  I don't need to be put into a specific box, I don't need to have anything that sums me up.  Perhaps I just need lots of different pendants and choose which one to wear each day depending on how I feel or what energy I need to draw on? (I am liking this idea...).

Sunday, 15 February 2015

A goddess rant...

I have to admit I am getting a bit bored with people on facebook always feeling the need to argue or counter comment re the goddesses.

Each person is an individual and as such we will have our own seperate and very unique experiences with deity and the divine...who is to say what is right or wrong?

As far as I know the goddessess never actually walked the earth...*waits for someone to argue...* so they never left behind selfies or diaries...

Historians and archeologists can only extract so much information...and add in a huge amount of speculation as to who was worshipped, when, where and why.  As far as history is concerned there is no FACT...we can only go by the information that was written down and from items that have survived.  But let's face it scribes may not have written things down exactly, translations may have been slightly off and as the saying goes "history was written by the victors" so who knows what the real events were? (Not that I am dissing archeologists or historians at all, I would have loved ot have been an archeologist myself). And at the end of the day the first image of any deity would have come from an indiviuals own personal vision...

My husband said yesterday "if we could actually go back in time and see what really happened in the past we would probably have to completely re-write the history books"...

If a goddess appears to me she will do so in a form that I recognise and chances are it won't be the same image as the person next to me sees...it is very personal...it is not right or wrong, it is MY experience.

The term Celts/Celtic is used a lot, I use it myself to cover a group of ancient English/Scottish/Irish deities, did the Celts actually exist?  There has been a lot of speculation about it, were they a race in their own right?  Was it just a collective name for a group of cultures?  Again...who knows for sure? Don't berate me for using the term, it works for me and until you can give me real solid proof...I shall continue to use it as a recognised term.

For instance...my matron goddess is The Cailleach and I have seen many, many images of her drawn and painted by different artists, each one different, some wildly and some only slightly but each one with personal variations - which one is right?  In my opinion all of them...

What gives anyone the right to tell another person that their image and view of deity is right or wrong?

You can share your own experiences of deity, you can share about information you have read that was written by others that have done research on deity but you cannot give definitive, definite, unrefutable proof and fact...not to my knowledge anyway.

Lighten up people...take a chill pill...connecting with deity is supposed to be a beautiful and enlightening experience, dont' spoilt it for others by trashing their vision and journey.

We all walk with the goddess in our own unique and very personal way, in my own humble opinion if anyone tells you that you are wrong...stay true to your intuition and walk away from that person.

Rant over...

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Love is in the air...♥

This weekend will be marked by the celebration of Valentines Day...not particularly something that I celebrate much anymore...having been with my husband for 23 years we don't need a particular day of the year to prove we love each other, you have to make every day special...awwwwww...although we do still exchange Valentine cards.   However...if you want to work some love magic then this is the perfect time to do so, there are a huge number of magical herbs, plants and foods associated with the lurve thang.  These magical ingredients can be worked into love spells of any kind or into your culinary endeavours.

Remember that there are all sorts of different kinds of love from the passionate ooh la la kind through to BFF kinda love and love for yourself then all the other stages/kinds/flavours in between.

I would add a word of caution here...if you intend to ensnare a specific person with a love spell be aware of the 'free will' clause.  Capturing love against someone's free will is unlikely to have a 'happy ever after'.  It's your choice...

If you are looking for love you can work a spell to bring 'your perfect match' to you.  Work love spells to strengthen your marriage/relationship with your partner, add love magic to your Valentine meal (or any meal in fact) to bring in passion or work some love magic to keep a friendship strong or to give you YOU some self esteem.

Candle spells, crystal spells, burning petitions, incense blends, magic powders and medicine pouches all make excellent love workings.  There are plenty of spells in books and on the net but I would encourage you to go with your own intuition, a spell that you create yourself will be much more powerful.  Just be careful how you word it, spells have a habit of going off in unexpected directions
...be prepared.

Foods for love:

Anise, apple, apricot, avocado, banana, basil, beetroot, brazil nut, cardamom, chocolate (obviously!), cinnamon, cherry, chestnut, clove, coriander, fennel, fish, ginger, guava, honey, lemon, lime, mango, marjoram, milk, nectarine, orange, papaya, passion fruit, peach, peas, pineapple, pine nut, pistachio, poppy seeds, quince, raspberry, rhubarb, rose, rosemary, strawberry, sugar, sweet potato, thyme, tomato, vanilla and wine!

Herbs & Plants for love:

Agrimony, Ash, Aster, Basil, Benzoin, Betony, Birch, Bleeding Heart, Caraway, Cardamom, Catnip, Chamomile, Chestnut, Chickweed, Cinnamon, Cinquefoil, Cleavers, Clove, Clover, Coltsfoot, Columbine (Aquilegia), Copal, Coriander, Cornflower (Batchelor’s Buttons), Crocus, Cumin, Cyclamen, Daffodil, Daisy, Dandelion, Dill, Dittany of Crete, Dock, Dragon’s Blood, Dulse, Elm, Fern, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, Hawthorn, Hazel, Heather, Horehound, Hyacinth, Iris, Ivy, Jasmine, Juniper, Lady’s Mantle, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lilac, Lobelia, Lovage, Mallow, Mandrake, Marjoram, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Myrtle, Orchid, Pansy, Passion Flower, Periwinkle, Poppy, Primrose, Rose, Rosemary, Rowan, Saint John’s Wort, Sandalwood (red) , Sea Holly, Sorrel, Thyme, Tulip, Valerian, Vervain, Violet, Willow, Yarrow