Monday, 8 February 2016

Working Magic...LOVE

Now before you get all squinky and complain about love and hearts and this time of the year (heading towards Valentine's Day) being horrible for single people...(I have already had one complaint along those lines about a Kitchen Witch blog that showed how to make heart crafts)...LOVE doesn't have to be the romantic or passionate kind unless you want it to.  The love I am working with on the New Moon today is about love of yourself, loving the person that you are and loving the life that you have created for yourself.  This is a soft, gentle inner love that we sometimes forget about.

Love that you are who you are, love that you have friends and family, love that you have created a life for yourself that you enjoy, love that you can create and shape your world around you, love that you can choose what people to share it with.  And if you don't love any of that find out why and change it.  YOU are in control and YOU are amazing and wonderful and special and all those lovely fluffy things.

Intent: LOVE


Rose quartz


Incense Blend:

Tea Blend:
a mug of steaming hot chocolate

The Magic:

I wrote the word 'love' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre then I charged each herb/spice and crystal that I chose to use with my intent and put them on my altar around the intent paper. I also chose a pink candle to light as well. I didn't have a plan or design in mind I just used my intuition.

Let's share the loud, be proud, be in LOVE with who you are.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Help...I need somebody's help...won't you please, please help me...

For the book that I am currently writing - Pagan Portals The Cailleach I commissioned some artwork for the front cover.  When I say 'commissioned' what I actually mean is that I asked my beautiful and talented 15 year old daughter to draw a sketch for me then I asked my equally talented (although handsome not beautiful) husband to work his graphics magic and turn it into a book cover.

I am enormously pleased with the sketch but as hubby did several book cover options now I can't decide which one I like the I am asking for your input pretty please with sugar on top.

If you have a spare minute I would love for you to hop on over to my author facebook page and like or comment on the book cover image that you like the best.

Huge thanks in advance.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Working Magic...TRUST

TRUST...small word...very BIG commitment.  We put our trust in an awful lot of people and a lot of situations, we trust that we will be loved, looked after, kept safe and a whole other heap of stuff.  We also need to trust ourselves and our own intuition.

To have complete trust in yourself is amazing, to put your whole trust in another is also wonderful but it is a tricksy one if that trust is broken or even dented a little.   I read somewhere that trust is like a blank sheet of paper...a new flat, pristine piece of paper.  If you take that sheet of paper and crumple it up it becomes a mess.  If you then try to smooth out that piece of paper and bring it back to can' matter how hard you try it still remains slightly crumpled.  Trust can be very much like that if it is broken.

So today's spell work is all about trust, trusting yourself and your own abilities (especially your intuition) and putting your trust in others.  It would also work to help bring back trust that has been lost.

Intent: TRUST


Blue lace agate


Incense Blend:

Tea Blend:

The Magic:

I wrote the word 'trust' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre then I charged each herb/spice and crystal that I chose to use with my intent and put them on my altar around the intent paper. I also chose a blue candle to light as well. I didn't have a plan or design in mind I just used my intuition.

Ultimately we put our trust in a lot of things and a lot of people...without doing so we would not experience life to the fullest.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Esbat...a witchy knees up

Esbat..a witchy knees up

In a recent discussion with a group of cackling witches the word 'esbat' came up and it was interesting to see the different interpretations that everyone had - all for the same small word.

So often it seems the word is used for a full moon ritual but actually it is much broader than that. I popped on my 'research hat' and here is what I found:

An esbat is a coven meeting of other than one the sabbats within Wicca and other Wiccan-influenced forms of contemporary paganism. Janet and Stewart Farrar describe esbats as an opportunity for a "love feast, healing work, psychic training and all."

An esbat is a Wiccan meeting held each month at the time of the full moon. This is usually the time for initiation ceremonies or healing magic to be done, as opposed to a Sabbat (holiday) celebration.

The second wheel of the year is made up of thirteen lunar cycles occurring within the solar year—called esbats by pagans. Covens usually meet either on the full or the new moon and a few manage both. Solitary practitioners are urged to commemorate the moon’s journey through the sky at both times, but the merrymaking and festival night has always been that of the full moon
(Edain McCoy)

A Wiccan coven gathering other than one of the Sabbats. While a full moon ritual may be held during an esbat, esbats encompass coven business meetings, social occasions, and opportunities for merriment.

On the great Sabbats all the covens that could forgather together would do but apart from these great Sabbats minor meetings called Esbats are held. The word ‘esbat’ may come from the old French “s’esbattre” meaning ‘to frolic, to enjoy oneself’. Traditionally the Esbat is the meeting of the local coven for local matters or simply for fun and it is or should be held at or near the full moon.
Gerald Gardner

The Esbat differed from the Sabbat by being primarily for business. ... very often the Esbat was for sheer enjoyment only.
Margaret Murray

Take from that what you will...

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Camellia's are in the money

The camellia in my garden is flowering and has been for several weeks, it is a bit early but I think I have a completely bizarre 'other reality' time zone in my garden...that or Mother Nature really has gone doolally...

The camellia flowers drop from the branches still in a whole flower shape (rather than losing their individual petals) so it is easy to collect them up and dry them.

I just lay the flowers out on sheets of paper in the conservatory to dry.

I wrote about the camellia a few years ago on the Kitchen Witch blog

And here is an extract from my book A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants:

(Camellia japonica)

This is THE money flower and I just happen to have a very pretty pink one that grows in my garden, dark evergreen glossy leaves and beautiful flowers (white, pinks, and reds).

Money, wealth, riches, abundance, luxury…do I need to go on? It brings riches and opens your heart to the abundance of the universe…just don’t forget to send a thank you note.

Keeping a camellia shrub growing in your garden should ensure that riches come your way and that you will never be short of money. Use the flower petals in money spells, pouches, poppets and witches bottles.

Remember that wealth is not always in material form, camellia can bring spiritual riches too; just remember to be thankful for what you have.

I keep a few dried camellia petals in my money jar (the one I add all my loose change to).

Camellia Magical Properties:
Abundance, prosperity, spirituality
Ruling planet – Moon
Element – Water
Gender – Feminine