Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A brilliantly bonkers book...

This book is brilliantly bonkers...

Intelligent Designing for Amateurs by Nimue Brown

This book is mad, absolutely raving bonkers but brilliantly so...it has everything; mystery, intrigue, dead bodies, inquisitive children, circus freaks, matriarchs, crack pot inventors, druids, steam punk, mice with wheels, socialites and more...all woven cleverly together to create a captivating story...you won't want to put it down...

The official blurb:

Charlie Rowcroft meant to be an inventor but mostly she fixes other people's mistakes. Then her new neighbour, socialite archaeologist Justina Fairfax brings a curious find to see if she can reassemble it. After which the chaos begins in earnest, with mad industrialists using mortless (undead) people to power their factories, druids on a traction engine who wish to thwart them, a retired pirate who just wants a quiet life, a stilt-walking dissenting preacher, the arrival of a freak show and other improbable personages and events who emerge as the plot unravels.

Nimue's website http://hopelessmaine.com/

Monday, 18 May 2015

It's in the lap of the Gods...Celtic ones...

As you lovely people seemed to like our Celtic Goddess Oracle card set so much (for which we humbly thank you) we decided that they needed a companion...so we have created the Celtic Gods Oracle card set...a bit of balance...you can use the oracle card sets independently or you can mix them up and use them together.

The cards will be published on 1st June but are availble to pre-order now via our online shop www.kitchenwitchhearth.net

As a little thank you we are also running a competition, everyone that pre-orders a set of Celtic Gods oracle cards will be entered into a draw to win a £10 Kitchen Witch gift voucher which can be used in our online shop against any of the products or courses.

We also have a new 8 week course launching on 1st July:

Celtic Gods Online Course (open worldwide)
Set over eight weeks and sent direct to your inbox (we also use dropbox.com)
Taking you on a spiritual journey of discovery with eight of the Celtic Gods:
Aengus MacOg, Balor, Cernunnos, Dagda, Gwyn ap Nudd, Lugh, Manann, Wayland
PDF booklets & MP3 meditations for each of the gods packed full of history, myths, correspondences, crafts, recipes, spells, offerings and daily devotions. You will also receive access to a private facebook group.

Details in our online shop www.kitchenwitchhearth.net or via www.goddesspathways.com

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Head full...

I have a head full of stuff...I know that's not a very imaginative word but stuff is about all my brain is capable of coming up with at the moment.

Lots of things (another unimaginative word sorry) whizzing around in my head and it all needs some kind of organisation.

I have spent the past five months working on my latest book (yes another one...) this one is part of the Pagan Portals series and covers Meditation.  Today I did the final proof read, spell check, making sure I haven't put anything stupid or missed out anything glaringly obvious in the manuscript...and it has now been submitted to the publisher Moon Books for the first copy edit...the part that I hate because as soon as you have hit the submit button your brain goes into overdrive about whether it is correct, long enough, up together or in fact any blinkin' good...

Which has left my head still full of more stuff...for the next book, for other books, for courses, for lessons for...for...for *bang* ...that was my head exploding...

The funny thing is I realised today that with my head spinning with ideas, threads of stories and nuggets of inspiration to the point where I don't know whether I am coming or going...that I was writing a book on meditation...which would help me clear and focus my mind...sheesh...sometimes we don't see what is right in front of our very own eyes...

So...I will now take the rest of today off (and read a new book that I have...watch this space for a review because it looks really good) and start afresh tomorrow.  The task for tomorrow is to write a four page masterclass article for Spirit & Destiny magazine (eeep...yes I am totally freaked out about this...).

And of course...I shall meditate...


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I did it for ME...

I was having a chat with a lovely lady a couple of weekends ago and she asked me about the 'body con' dress and whether it was for an interview or something...I explained that it was a confidence test for me...to give me a bit of a boost...she was surprised that I needed any kind of confidence encouragement....

Yes I can stand up in ritual and use a very loud voice...yes I can stand up in front of a room full of people and talk (or actually waffle and wing it on most occasions) about the Craft but those are things that I am comfortable doing because I am passionate about the subject.

Body confidence and self esteem? Now there is a totally different kettle of fish...

In my youth I was lairy...(really you aren't surprised are you?), I had a size 10/12 figure and always wore fashionable clothes and had the latest hair style...but life changes...as I grew older I became more comfortable in my skin, I found my true pathway and settled into not following fashion and just being ME.   Then children came along and my body shape and size changed...now I am a size 16 which is the curviest I have ever been but I am also the happiest and most content I have ever been too.  But...I am also growing older, parts of my body are no longer in the upright place they should be ahem...and my face is definitely lower than it used to be and has wrinkles...and don't get me started on the grey hair.

Part of growing older is accepting it and becoming accustomed to it but I don't think I am quite ready for that yet, I am still fighting it.  I will be 47 years old next birthday and whilst I don't have a desire to wear mini skirts anymore I definitely don't want to slip into the 'comfortable slacks' just yet.

I want to be a mad hippy kaftan floppy hat wearing batty old woman...(I suspect I am fairly close to that goal already).

It was never my intention to become an author, that happened quite by accident (or fate depending on how you look at it) but now I am 'out there' it has taken quite a bit of getting used to.  If you write books then you need to promote them, no point writing them otherwise...but a big part of that is pimping yourself and that is incredibly uncomfortable.

One of the facets of pimping is to get promotional photographs done, pretty much every magazine or ezine I write for asks for a 'head shot'.  But I have to tell you ... for every one photograph that goes up on facebook there have been 101 photos taken...I have just binned the other 100 because I didn't like them (much to my husband's dismay and comments of "what was wrong with that one, I liked that one").

Yesterday I had a moment of confidence wibble and had a radical hair change, well actually not radical for me because I have always changed my hair - I have had every colour in the rainbow (yes including green...note: khaki green hair is not a good look) and have had every hairstyle going from short & spikey to 80s perms.  I was also blonde for a very long time a few years ago and it was blonde that I went back to yesterday.

People made some incredibly nice comments on facebook for which I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you, yes it made me feel warm and fuzzy but ultimately I changed my hair to make myself feel better and it worked, I love it and that's the main point isn't it?

I am human and I am certainly no super woman and I need the odd confidence boost, I think we all do and actually why shouldn't we?  It is lovely to be told you look nice or that someone loves the outfit you are wearing.

Changes are good, anything that boosts your self esteem is good, but ultimately the choices you make about your look, size, shape, style and anything else related to you must be YOUR choice, do what makes YOU feel good ♥

Monday, 27 April 2015

Animal magic...

Animal Magic...nope not the Johnny Morris type (you will have to be my age to understand that...) I am talking about the magic, knowledge, guidance and energy that working with animal totems/spirits/guardians brings.

I think my own personal experience with animal magic started at an early age with dragon magic...at the time I didn't know what it was and it only became apparent when I started on the Witchcraft pathway years later.

I have worked with animal totems ever since my journey began.  My life long totem found me a long time ago and came in the form of a wild boar which seemed very fitting as I spent a few years of my youth on a pig farm (don't you love synchronicity) so I already had a connection with the pig family. My wild boar has been with me ever since.

But then comes the question I get asked a lot "can you have more than one totem" well all I can answer with is my own personal experience and that would be "yes".

I have my main totem, the wild boar but I have worked with many different animal totems over the years, some come and stay for a while, some come and go quickly and some come and go as and when I need them.

Seagull appears in my life when there are emotions to deal with.
Magpie appears when I need to keep an eye out whether it be for gossip or sticky situations but he also brings wisdom and knowledge with him.
I suspect Pigeon appears purely to eat the bird food that I put out in the garden...have you ever seen a fat pigeon try to squeeze into a small covered bird table?  But he also brings peace and simplicity with him.  These three are the 'regulars' they aren't with me all the time but they come and go as and when I need their specific energies or with messages.

And of course I have a dragon...well two actually.   A huge and quite intimidating fire dragon who appears very rarely but when he does I know I have messed up big time and he is there to kick my butt good and proper.  Then my smaller dragon, a dragon in training who arrived during a ritual at Stonehenge, he learns with me.

There have been odd ones that have appeared for short periods of time, imparted their wisdom and then left completely.  There was a period of time when I kept seeing elephants (no not the pink variety) everywhere and no not actual real elephants, that would be very unusual in the middle of my kitchen, but on the TV, in books, out in shops there would be elephant patterned material, elephant earrings and elephant ornaments...when I finally listened the elephant was guiding me to work with the deity Ganesha.

My most recent animal totem is the frog (yep I know it's a bit stereotypical for a witch but what can you do?) he arrived during a drum birthing meditation to find my drum spirit which is where he stayed for a while but now he is sitting next to my wild boar...he has some very strong energy to share with me for the next part of my journey.

So I have quite a zoo well maybe more of a petting zoo...but each one is important and each one helps me in different ways.  What is important is that I have never turned any of them away.  I have never said "no sorry I am going to ignore you because I already have a totem" because each one has been and continues to be very important to me.

Be open to whatever comes your way...even if it is a dinosaur or an ant - no matter what form of animal they all have magical properties, strong energy and messages for you.

The image used here is Wisdom Seeker by Kay Kemp