Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pigeons...and their magic

Pigeons have been visiting my garden for years but I seem to have gained one particular bird that has claimed the garden as his own domain.

He (I assume it is a he, I haven't asked...) likes to sit on the fence and snooze but also likes to strut his funky stuff around all the flower beds, literally just taking a stroll surveying his estate.

I have worked with pigeon magic for a while but with this constant visitor now is the time to pay particular attention to his messages.

Pigeons have the same or very similar animal magic as doves - they both bring peace, harmony and love but they also indicate transitions.

They are spiritual messengers bringing communication from friends and loved ones in spirit and between the worlds.

He shows us how to quiet our minds and see the beauty in the simple things of life.

Pigeon/dove also brings the reminder that inner peace and happiness are easily obtainable and always available.

The dove in particular is linked with many different goddesses and brings a huge punch of feminine and maternal energy with it.  With this connection it also echoes the magic of hearth, home and family.

He also allows us to release and let go of past issues and negative energy to allow ourselves to open up to receiving healing on all levels.

In turn this release allows us to be open to promise of wonderful things to come.

Typically the day I write about him he won't pose for the camera, instead he is on the roof cooing, I can hear him but can't see him.

He has become a very welcome sight in the garden and I find myself talking to him quite often, usually asking him not to keep pooping on the fence and the plants...

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Working Magic...CHANGES

Working Magic...CHANGES

The April Grass Full Moon approaches...Friday 22nd April is the day and I have been prompted this month with the word 'changes'.  Change is a constant, everything is fluid and life is always changing but sometimes change is hard to deal with.  Use the full moon energy this month to implement positive changes to your life or to help you deal with changes that you can't control...



Tree/Moss agate

Black tea

Incense Blend:

Tea Blend:
Drink the black tea you used in your working

The Magic:

I wrote the word 'changes' on a piece of paper and used that as the centre then I charged each herb/spice and crystal that I chose to use with my intent and put them on my altar around the intent paper. I also chose a purple candle to light as well. I didn't have a plan or design in mind I just used my intuition.

Visualise the changes you would like to see happen or work with images of dealing well with changes that are already happening, see the best possible outcome.

And sing along:

(Turn and face the strange)
Don't want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strange)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time

Monday, 18 April 2016

Thanks to the butts...

The purpose of this blog post is to send out my heartfelt thanks to lots of people.   My next book The Art of Ritual will be published in May and it came together with the help of a heap load of lovely peeps.

Thanks go to Tracey Roberts, Stacey Mantle, Vanessa Armstrong, Sue Perryman, Samantha Leaver and Josh Petchey all of whom wrote and contributed ritual scripts for the book, you guys rock.

I also want to thank 'the butts'...those that appear on the front cover of the book...

I hope I have identified everyone correctly:

just a slither of Zoe
and Katy hiding behind Louisa
and Gwen behind Sue

The photo on the cover was taken by my lovely hubby at a Kitchen Witch open ritual back in June 2014, it was held at the Queen Elizabeth Country park and the ritual was in honour of the goddess Sulis, we also had a couple of inititations into the coven that day too.

More thanks must go to the Kitchen Witch ritual team who write the ritual scripts along with myself and Tracey Roberts - Sue, Ness and Josh and occasional Hellenic influences from Sam too!

And even more thanks to everyone that joins us in ritual, the energy of any group ritual is made up from each and every person that takes part and our rituals are always full of such wonderful energy and it is you guys that must take the credit for that.

Our next ritual is Saturday 21st May 2016 https://www.facebook.com/events/1162966010388853/

Friday, 15 April 2016

The 'could have been'...

On several occasions recently the situation has arisen where I have been made to feel a bit out of my depth (not intentionally by anyone, except myself).  And it all boils down to the fact that I am not an academic, I am a 'could have been'.  

I left secondary school with my place at college firmly set and aspirations of university after that but during the summer holidays I found a job, nothing grand, it was an office junior position and it paid money...all ideas of college and university were thrown out of the window in exchange for the folding green stuff. 

To be fair what followed was a fabulously interesting career which included Chelsea Flower show stints, long stays in Park Lane hotels, visits to loads of posh and expensive London restaurants and even a visit to Stringfellows (entertainment for customers honestly...).  And culminated in me becoming the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of an international consumer electronics company, a position I have held now for the past 24 years, not too shabby for a 'could have been'.

Do I regret the decision I made at the tender age of 16?  No...Because every decision I have made in my life whether it seemed good or bad at the time has led me to where I am now and I would not wish to be anywhere else.

But...it does lead me occasionally to feel a little bit like the 'Learn the ABC' book misfiled on a shelf full of Shakespeare's work.  And it shouldn't.

I left school with a handful of 'O' levels and a bunch of typing certificates, I can read, I can write and I can hold an intelligent conversation (occasionally).

I am well read, in fact I read a lot; Pratchett (of course), light hearted and funny sci fi books, vampire and witch lit, right through to the classics such as Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll and Dickens.  

Three years ago I was propelled into the world of book writing and since then have been lucky enough to have had a heap load of books published, but they are what I call 'talkative' text, I write as if I am speaking to you sitting around a kitchen table with a cuppa.  They are not academic by any means and actually I wouldn't want them to be, I don't want people to have to read my books alongside a dictionary to decipher the big words.

But does that mean I couldn't write an intellectual and 'grown up' article?  In the past I have shied away from any such idea believing that I wouldn't be able to.  I might not have letters after my name or a bunch of 'A' levels (I do have my cycling proficiency certificate...) but do you know what?  I reckon I could. 

I think we spend an awful lot of time as human beings telling ourselves that we can't do something or that we wouldn't match up to others or meet certain standards but I think we are doing ourselves a great injustice.

No, I am not an academic in this 'trouser leg of reality' but I like to think out there in another space time continuum there is another me that went to college and university and is now a high powered business woman with an billion pound empire or a Professor of archaeology somewhere on an incredibly exciting dig...but she isn't me and I bet she hasn't achieved anywhere near the amount of amazing things I have in my own 'leg' of reality...

Never underestimate yourself and what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Now pass me the dictionary, I need to write a dissertation...

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Where do you write?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is "where do you write?" and the answer has been different depending on what point in time I was asked.

Originally when I started working from home about nine years ago (for my 'real' job, the one that pays the bills) I worked from my dining room but that wasn't overly practical having to move everything each day to eat dinner.  So I moved to 'under the stairs', not quite ala Harry Potter but almost, it was practical from the point of view that it was my space and I could set it all up as I wanted it and didn't have to move anything but it was fairly dark and a bit chilly having to sit in the hallway.  At the time I wasn't really 'writing' as such, just a few blogs and for the Kitchen Witch School.

Then three years ago the books happened and then more articles and then more blogs (for which I am eternally grateful and also still perplexed by) so I pretty much write/work on the laptop full time now whether it is for my real job (a Personal Assistant) or writing articles, blogs and books so I needed a more permanent and practical space.  In fact I quite regularly took myself off to various cafes to sit and write because I wanted a brighter and more inspiring place to write from (and cake obviously).

At some point last year realisation dawned that we had a much larger and brighter space that we could utilise so I relocated to our conservatory.   I now have a huge desk that has room for my laptop, printer, paperwork and my working altar, behind me I have a huge dresser full of witchy bits and magical herbs and my view on two sides is large windows out to our garden.  It is a bit chilly in the winter as it isn't heated but I have a portable heater and a it can be a tad sunny on the laptop screen in the summer but...it is a beautiful and inspiring space to work in.

I love 'going to work' now and have found that I actually lose track of time in my 'bat cave' (as my husband calls it) because it is such a lovely place to be.

So I do find that where I am and the surroundings I am in can affect how I write and what I write.  To be in a dark and chilly place meant that I was often distracted ...

I still get distracted now but more often than not it is by the birds that visit the garden or the sounds of the wind chimes which actually brings ideas rather than real distractions.

I don't go out to cafes so much anymore but obviously I still eat cake, I just bake it myself instead...